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not just the temporary turnaround, it has to be this is it, no more big bank bailouts. >> that's it for the cost of freedom block. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend! america's news headquarters. i'm brian wilson. are conservatives mounting a comeback one week after a massive march on washington, republicans are back in the nation's capital, searching for new leaders and fresh ideas. their challenges are stiff and obstacles remain. voices like mitt romney and huckabee hk say it's easy to see renewed values and see if they've shaken off the massive defeat they suffered last november. we begin, however, with a new development in the alleged terrorist plot to bomb new
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york city. the denver man who is suspected of being a crucial part of the plan now admits to having ties to al-qaeda. alicia acuna standing by in denver with more on this. hello, aliesh sha. >> hi, brian, that man zazi is expected to be back at the fbi headquarters in denver for a round of questioning. their reports, including ours, that his client admitted to ties to al-qaeda are just rumors, but some frightening information is surfacing about this airport shuttle driver. there are multiple reports out this morning that intelligence officials are saying zazi has been trained in the use of explosives by al-qaeda, that he had bomb making documents on his laptop that was seized by police in new york and then returned and that he may be a dissenter of an assorted attack on a transportation city. he had cell phone video of grand central station in new
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york, before half a million people travel through every day. the fbi requested that his father come in for questioning, which he did voluntarily accord to go a spokesperson. the father spent three hours with agents before leaving. he told reporters, as he was leaving, he wants the truth like everyone else. now, to give you an idea of what investigators in colorado are trying to track down. fox news has been told by anonymous source that federal agents went to at least one home depot store on monday to sift through receipts, specifically, we're told they were looking for purchases of any quantity of hydrochloric acid, can be used to clean pools and concrete and talked to an expert who specializes in chemical. it can be used to create a powerful bomb or bombs and told that a new flag has been put on future purchases of this substance, but that means
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if someone goes into home depot or any store and purchases the muriatic acid a copy of that is sent to the feds. and the attorneys for zazi we should anticipate a statement for them mid day. >> brian: alicia acuna on the job. several are banding together to keep the investigation on the justice department from moving forward. the probe of the cia interrogation, saying the cia shouldn't be investigated for murder. caroline shively joins us from washington with more on that. >> hi to you, brian. this is the latest pushback on the attorney general's case, asking them to reverse the attorney general's decision. they have 37 years of combine
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experience heading the agent. the attorney general's decision to reopen the crim cal investigation creates an atmosphere of continuous jeopardy for those whose cases the department of justice had previously declined to prosecute. moreover, there is no reason to expect that the criminal investigates will remain narrowly focused. it's thought to be limit today a handful of cases and the former director seems to be worried it could blow up and take over multiple cases over a number of years and the letter maintains the reopening of the criminal investigation will make it tough for them to get others help. the directors write that releasing details about the interrogations program reveals too much to the enemy. former cia operative wayne sim mops tells the cases that the aig might reopen have already been reviewed and distressed. the very thought of us being thrust back into an
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investigation of the first line of defense against terrorists, which are our cia interrogators and agents, is putting america at an incredible, in an incredible, incredibly dangerous position. >> the justice department responded to the letter by saying that the investigation will be narrowly focused and said this is just a preliminary review. so far the white house has had no response. brian. >> caroline, thank you very much. the obama administration announced it's changing course on missile defense, scrapping plans to put an anti-missile site in polled. some say that was a bad, if not dangerous decision ap it's a topic that's sure to come up this week when world leaders gather for the united nations general assembly meeting. ambassador john boulton is the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and he joins us now from new york, mr. ambassador, what will you be looking for when leaders gather in new york? >> well, there's certainly going to be a lot of discussion about the upcoming security council meeting that
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the president's going to chair, which is going to be on nonproliferation and disarmament, but strangely there's not supposed to be any talk of iran or north korea, the two principal proliferation threats, and i think when you add in this unambiguously bad decision to cancel the missile defense sites in poland and the czech republic. >> was there a deal where you suspect we decide to do something that the russians want so perhaps the russians won sell defensive missile systems to iran, something that we and the israelis don't want? >> well, you can't rule that out, but i think that might be giving the administration too much credit. i think the administration has never liked missile defense, they don't trust it, they don't think it will work, they think it's destabilizing and i think, really, this is part of the so-called reset buttton on the policy with russia. this is a hope by giving away something, the administration didn't think much of to begin
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with, that now the russian will be nice to us. i wouldn't hold my breath for that. >> you know, trying to figure out what it is that we know from an intelligence standpoint is sort of like trying to read tea leaves when you're not on the inside and several things have happened of late that suggest to me that perhaps, we now believe that the iranians are further along than we first thought. >> well, i think that's what a number of foreign intelligence services believe and frankly, our intelligence communities record of estimating what iran is up to has not been all that comforting, but now, on their missile capability, in part, this is both a projection forward of where they may be in four or five years and also, a measure of how much risk the administration is willing to tolerate by canceling these missile sites, they show they're willing to tolerate a large amount of risk about iran's nuclear and missile capabilities. i don't think we should tolerate that risk, i think we should err if we should make a mistake, err on the side of
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greater security for the american people. >> mr. ambassador, thank you so much for joining us. president obama says there will be some good news to discuss when world leaders gathered in pittsburgh next week for the g-20 summit. that was the focus of his weekly address today. >> at next week's summit we'll have in effect a five month checkup to review the steps each have taken separately and together to break the back of this economic crisis and the good news is that we've made real progress since the last time we met. here at home and around the world. >> mr. obama went on to say that leaders will focus on what is needed to strengthen rules that govern financial markets and close gaps in regulation that allowed reckless risk taking and irresponsibility. the white house is continuing the full court press this weekend to get a health care reform bill on president obama's desk, house republicans, however, are trying to build on the momentum from town hall meetings. and conservative rallies may throw a wrench into the mrap
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to allow the government to get into the health care business. republican congressman john carter in texas is a member of the house proegss committee and joins us live from austin. congressman is there any chaps at all the way you see it that there will be a bipartisan bill or what is the state of a play, as you see it? >> there hasn't been any bipartisan play at all to be honest with you, whether it be the new senate bill or of course, 3200, the republicans basically have been out of the-- out of the loop. that's one of the sad things about this, there's no bipartisanship. >> are there parts of health care reform that the republicans could sign on to? >> yeah, if we started talking about things that would really reduce costs, you'll start off with, we've got to start to talk about tort reform, some major factors and the other issues that we've been talking about now for a couple of years, portability, being able to buy across state lines, so that you can shop your own
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health care, and you can find the policies that fits you, rather than what fits the politicians think you ought to have, so, that's-- all of that needs to be in the plan. it's not being talked about. >> and when you talked to the voters in your particular area, what are they telling you about health care reform? >> well, one of the things that i think is very intelligent and i'm going to try to do something about this, if there's 500 billion dollars worth of waste, fraud and abuse of the system, why don't we go after the waste, fraud and abuse and let's start there and if it's there, then look what we've given as a gift back to the american people. they want to start saving money. >> and in this whole idea of whether the government should be involved in health care, there should be a so-called government option, is that a nonstarter with you, absolutely? >> absolutely, a nonstarter with me, it's a nonstarter with the people in my district and town hall gatherings and one huge 2500 gathering and it's about cause and it's
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about the government staying out of our lives. >> what do you see as ultimately going to happen here when everything settles, when the dust settles and all of the pieces of legislation are laid on the table, what are we going to see? >> if you've got to have a government plan, whether you want to call it a co-op funded by the government or whether you want to identify the government plan, american people are opposed to it. let's scrap that, let's go back to sitting down at the table, to working out things that we'll do what we need to do and that is deal with the cost of health care in america. that's what people are upset about. >> congressman, we thank you so much for joining us from austin, texas today. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: well, the question for many conservatives heading into the year, whether they might be able to recover from the big defeats of last november. since then, grass roots campaigns have played a big role in shaping the national debate. have conservatives found their voice again? the family research council is hosting the values voters summit this weekend in
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washington and president tony perkins joins us here to talk about that. tony, good to have you. >> thank you, brian, good to be with you. >> let's talk about the real key question. are republicans back from the wilderness? >> i think they're beginning to see the daylight between the trees here and i think what has driven this is really the health care issue, it's much bigger than that, than the town hall meetings that they've been listening to the constituents out there saying look, enough of the big government, enough of forcing us to fund with our tax dollars, abortion. they're hearing these issues and they're coming back and they're actually echoing that message here in washington. >> when you see renewed energy, it's ironic while republicans are looking around, trying to figure out who is going to lead them back from the wilderness, the conservatives took it upon their shoulders to do it themselves. >> they did, that's an important point, this is not in anyhow, as the white house tried to explain this as a way of astroturf or some kind of manufactured angst among the american people.
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this goes deeper than the grass roots and soil of america, these are people that want to be self-governed and tired of what they see out of washington d.c. >> health care? >> health care is a major issue, it's in the the only issue, it's like the straw that broke the camel's back. they're very concerned about this idea or-- >> just this week, perfect example, you've got an administration that continues to push for a government takeover of health care, something that you can't find anywhere in the constitution, but at the same time they're saying, we're abandoning this missile defense system. something that's clearly in the constitution, not want to go protect the american people, but want to take over health care. >> i mean, conservatives get this. government is doing what it shouldn't be doing, it won't do what it should be doing. >> as you look at the g.o.p. landscape for leadership, what do you see? >> you know, i think there's still clearly a-- a vacuum in terms of there is no-- >> some people say that the landscape looked a little bleak.
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>> well, i think there's a lot of promise out there and that's one of the reasons this weekend at the summit we're doing a straw poll and we're going to do some idea who has a message that may be resonating with the conservatives out there and we'll just have to wait and see if people begin to coalesce behind it, right now shall the stage is wide open. >> are you surprised the way this thing has sort of come out of nowhere? >> well, i think what we've seen is this, we've got a president who ran as a moderate, in very moderate tones and now we have liberalism uncensored. it's a majority gone wild here. and people are seeing it and there is they're saying, wait a minute, that's not the type of change we voted for and they're wanting to correct this radical swing of the pendulum to the left and move it back in the other direction. and i-- it's driven, as you point out earlier, brian, it's not driven by the politicians, i think this could have lasting effect. this is being driven by the people. >> brian: tony, good to see you, thanks. the manhunt for a criminally
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insane hiller who escaped during a field trip to the county fair. phillip arnold was last seen thursday, authorities and residents are questioning someone with paul's history of violence and escape attempts was allowed to go on a day trip. paul, a schizophrenic, was committed in 1987 after the brutal slaying of an elderly woman. oregon place are investigating a major motorcycle crash that involved nearly 30 motorcycles yesterday, two bikers critically injured and airlifted to portland hospital. at least seven others were injured less severely. they were behind a car, traffic slowed on implant state five and bikers and cars tried to slow, but collidedment many riders a part of brothers speed motorcycle club. still to come, a former acorn worker gives his version of what happened on an undercover tape targeting the nonprofit activist group. a fair and balanced report coming up.
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>> topping the news right
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now. new evidence in the murder of a yale graduate student. police have seized the car at the motel where the man suspected of killing annie le was arrested. investigators won't cop firm who owns the ford taurus, raymond clark iii was charged with the murder. draft ago new plan for the first time to police bank's pay policy to make sure they don't encourage excessive risk taking and the proposal is the fed's latest response to criticism that it failed to crack down on lacks lending, reckless gambles and other practices that led to the financial crisis. and parts of the southeast are in for some heavy rain, a tropical atmosphere will remain over the deep south and the tennessee valley through the weekend. that means heavy downpours and possible flash flooding, the heaviest rain is forecast tore alabama, and tennessee. and there's been a lot of controversy swirling around
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the nonprofit acorn. just this week congress vote today scrip acorn's funding. a san diego man seen on the tape gives his side of the story. juan carlos says he did nothing wrong when a man posing as a pimp and a young woman posing as a prostitute came into the office and asked about buying a house for their business. the story from fox 5 in san diego. diego. >> across from the border. >> okay. >> it's like 12 of them. >> for the first time the san diego county man at the center of an undercover video allegedly posing criminal activities of a nonprofit known as acorn speaks out. >> you can see what happened. >> in broken english, juan carlos explains his side of what happened. >> the guy told me why i want a buy a house because this is what happened. this is my girlfriend and she's a prostitute. >> when he said he couldn't
12:22 pm
help them buy a house he offered to call the police. the two said no. >> and when they started, i say that completely-- >> about the video asking how much the woman charges, he explains it this way. >> they say he want to know how much i charge, you want to know how much i charge. >> yeah, how much you charge, how much-- and the guy say, you want something to my business? and i say no, no. that's it. >> that was a report from fox 5 in san diego. ap also on the tape, the man posing as a pimp asked him if tijuana is the best place to bring the girls to cross over the u.s. and vera replies yes on the united states he has a lot of contacts who can assist in bringing them cross the border, vera maintains thinks innocence and acorn order add independent investigation. you want to be sure to tune into fox news sunday tomorrow
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morning. chris wallace will have an exclusive interview with acorn's ceo bertha lewis. congressman darryl issa who has written a big report on the investigation will join chris. the way do you this, you check your local listings for the time and channel, don't miss fox news sunday. americans say they want the jobs being filled by illegal implants, a finding by the new study for immigration studies. the study looked at raids on six meat packing plants owned by swift and company, back in the year 2006. nearly 1300 illegals were arrested, that was 10% of the labor force at the plants. and all the plants were back in full staffing within five months and most of the new jobs went to americans, what's more, a number of the plants have reported wage and bonus increases of 8%. >> well, should we be sending additional troops to afghanistan, should we be pulling back our missile defense in europe. should the justice department probe cia interrogation
12:24 pm
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>> it is the pot tomorrow of bot-- bottom of the hour and fbi
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agents will question the 24-year-old airport shuttle driver zazi in relationship with an interrogation. intelligence says that zazi indicated he's directly linked to al-qaeda. he's not under arrest and his lawyer says that zazi is not a terrorist. a massive manhunt in eastern washington state for a criminally insane escaped killer. phillip arnold paul was on a field trip to a spokane fair. when he escaped from minders. he murdered an elderly woman and history of escape is allowed to go out in public. in virginia, a man suspected of killing four people in a home near richmond. police are looking for a 20-year-old man suspected of murder, robbery and grand larceny. the prosecutor says that he's armed and dangerous and the identities and the cause of death have not yet been
12:29 pm
released. good news for goodyear. goodyear tire workers in six states will be spared from cut baches thanks to a four year contract an approved on friday. the deal with the united steel workers covers more than 10,000 workers and ensures factories in ohio, new york, kansas, virginia, and north carolina will remain open. one plant in tennessee is not protected. 600 workers there will receive buyouts. that's a quick look at your news headlines. just days after president obama announced he was scrapping a missile defense plan from eastern europe, russia says it's doing away with its plans in a region near pole land. the obama administration says the sdis was based on new intel against assessments and the decision could em boldened iran and north korea. cia director leon pa netta says he'll stand up for men and women who stand up to
12:30 pm
interrogati interrogation. plans to review detainee abuse cases. seven cia directors delivered a letter to president obama urging him to end the investigation. defense secretary robert gates is ordering the deployment of as many as 3,000 more troops to afghanistan. the top u.n. and n.a.t.o. commander, general stanley mccrystal says they're viewed as security risks has changed. is this a sort of a longer and more prolongeded time in afghanistan? and we will a couple of the items in the news. mr. secretary, good to see you. let's start with the talk of afghanistan, 3000 more troops doesn't sound like a huge rampup. what do you read into that? >> all reports indicate there will be a recommendation from general mccrystal, and unfortunately a debate in the administration has unformer
12:31 pm
become more public. and secretary of state clinton, larger force and vice-president biden saying it he doesn't think it's a good idea and senator carl levin against a major buildup. the president has to make a decision soon, he wants to be reflection about it, he's got to make a decision fairly soon as to whether he's going to support significant increase in troops or reject the recommendation coming out. >> brian: era man who has been in a position to have to make similar recommendations. what do you recommend in this case. >> i'd listen to general mccrystal, do it now, do not delay or defer because i think the political sentiment is running strongly against more troops going in. if you need them put them in now. you saw the italians react to go seven soldiers killed. the prime minister berlusconi saying that he's going to reevaluate his commitment to
12:32 pm
afghanistan. >> missile defense systems being pulled back out of europe. your thoughts on that? >> i have a problem with what is taking place and the way it's handled. i have strongly commit today missile defense system normally to protect our allies throughout europe and elsewhere, but here, and i'll have to be not only from maine, but missouri. you've got to show me this is in our interest. i think the way it's been handled, i think, is has unsettled our eastern european friends and calls on secretary rumsfeld, an old europe and new europe. i think that was true in terms of the sentiment in europe and now i think those new european countries members of n.a.t.o. are going to pause, wait a minute, we had a political judgment here and been reversed without apparent prior consultation and now they're consulted on having a more effective system, but i think the implications are pretty serious. >> brian: i wonder if this was-- this is a question that keeps coming to my mind and i asked it earlier, i wonder if there's an under the table trade that took place.
12:33 pm
we'll pull back the system the russians don't want and the russians won't sell the defensive missile sim to iran we clearly don't want. >> the administration denied a quid pro quo. i don't think you give up something without getting something up front. you can't withdraw the system and say we're hoping to build goodwill. if we see the russians coming, for example, down hard on iranians, imposing severe sanctions, then maybe we can reconsider how this would be serving our national self-interest, but again, let's come from missouri today and say you show me. >> brian: what of the story of seven former cia directors sending a letter to the president saying you should not investigate the cia on this matter. where do you come down on this. >> well, i think the president should have ended it in the beginning. his instincts were correct saying i'm going to look forward, not backwards, but then, he turned it over to the attorney general, chief law enforcement officer as such, and eric holder now has an
12:34 pm
obligation to say were the rules very well defined and refined over a period of time? were they so excessively exceeded that we have a crime that ought to be prosecuted so i think what the impact will be, those seven former directors will have an impact on the narrowing of the focus of attorney general hold p's investigation, i don't think it will stop it at this point. >> brian: as a secretary of defense, you had to rely on intelligence you got from the cia and so that was very important to the decisions you make. how is this impacting, you imagine, the cia right now? >> i think the morale is probably very low right now. that's why the former directors are issuing this request to the president. i don't think any question, i think that leon pa netta. >> you know him, what do you think he should do. >> i think it's beyond his panned. i think he's spoken out in terms of the impact on morale and i think the issue is the president of the united states could have terminated initially, his instincts were right, but he passed the ball over to the attorney general
12:35 pm
and i think the attorney general doing his job, saying, i had to look at whether the law was exceeded to the point where any kind of criminal prosecution would be justified and i think it would be narrow and i think he's going to narrow it down. >> brian: good to see you, thank you for joining us. two other detainees held at guantanamo are being relocated, the two are chinese muslims and captured in pakistan 2001. they deemed temp to be noncombatants. the men fear they will face prosecution or death if they are returned there. new information on how the h1n1 vaccine will be doled out. vaccines for h1n1 will be distributed from four regional warehouses around the country and the vaccines were expected to reach 20 million dose as week by the end of october, and will be dispersed among 90,000 providers, including
12:36 pm
hospitals, doctors's offices and additional 3.4 million doses after h1n1 nasal spray vaccine where people, ages, two to 49 will become available starting in early october. many american businesses are ill-prepared to deal with widespread employee absenteeism in the event after pandemic outbreak. courtney keeley is standing by with the laters on that. >> hi there, brian shall the study came out from the harvard school of public health recently and it did not have great results. it said that businesses across the country are going to be at risk if their employees have a breakout of h1n1 all at the same time. >> about a third of businesses said they can sustain operations for two weeks if half the force is absent. some have severe problems if the workers are out for a
12:37 pm
month. homeland security caring out services vital to the economy, have-- one large business targeted nationwide make sure they're stocked up on flu medicine and have a backup plan if a lot of employees are out with swine flu. >> we consider ourselves to be critical infrastructure because we carry what you really need to weather the storm today. so when it comes to pandemic planning we make sure that we're prepared for prevention, protection and for treatment. . >> now, brian, they found that small businesses are also unlikely to have compensation in place for employees that are out longer on sick leave or they might not have sick leave. they're saying that it's really imperative for both large and small businesses to come up with some emergency planning if all their employees get sick at the same time, brian. >> brian: courtney kealy, thank you very much. a brand new fox news opinion dynamics poll show many of you at home are worried about
12:38 pm
getting the h1n1 virus. we asked 900 registered voters what they were most concerned about, someone this their family catching swine flu or someone losing their job? 55% of people that were surveyed said they were more concerned about job security. nearly twice as many said catching swine flu, 12% of people were concerned about both equally. and say, did you see the pictures? cleanup is underway after a six foot water main break flooded a baltimore suburb yesterday, torrents of water gushed from the pipe washl away part after road, flooding cars and homes, a lot of water there. the authorities say the height of the flooding water was chest deep in some places, no injuries were reported. a spokesman for the governor of maryland says the state will help residents with cleanup and with any property damage. how much would you pay for a dinner with sarah palin? you might be surprised what one woman thought a meal with the form an alaska governor was worth.
12:39 pm
later this hour, i'm back from new orleans where crime is a problem and a crime camera system that's supposed to help is not working. why? it has more to do with new orleans style politics than technical glitches. the latest installment in my nowhere to hide series is coming up. - ( rock music playing ) - ♪ oh! what do you say to a spin around the color wheel? - to paint with primer already mixed in? - ♪ yeah yeah yeah... - test samples instead of can commitments? - ♪ whoo! - what do you say we dip into our wallets less... - ♪ are you feeling it? - ...and grab ahold of the latest tools out there... - ♪ oh! we can quit all that messing around with extra steps - and get busy turning our doing dials up a notch? - ♪ whoo! ♪ oh!
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>> right now, republicans are
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rallying their base here in washington d.c. the g.o.p. is looking to energize conservatives with new ideas and leaders at the value voter summit. the menham see as the hope for the republican party in the 2012 races. they're familiar faces. molly henneberg with the latest. >> hi, brian, the second day of the value voters summit and they're hearing from house mier minority leader john bainer and mitt roomney, he went after president obama on issues including health care reform. romney warned what he said would happen if the president and congressional democrats are successful in pushing through a government-run health insurance plan unless concerned americans stop it. >> if he gets what he wants we know exactly where it would inevitably lead. to a massive entitlement with enormous liability, to more borrowing, and to the denial of care and rationing, just as
12:44 pm
they experienced in europe. and to the creation of dozens of government bureaucracies, they'll reach into every hospital, every doctor's office and every home. thanks to millions of americans who stepped up in town halls and tea parties across this country, he is not going to get his way. all eyes will be on the straw poll results for who the group would like for president for 2012, coming out later it afternoon. perhaps another close race between former arkansas governor mike huckabee who spoke to the crowd yesterday and romney, romney won in a straw poll and besides romney and huckabee, former speaker of the house newt begin grech, baby jindal. sarah palin, texas congressman ron paul. tim pawlenty, mike pence and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. sarah palin and newt gingrich
12:45 pm
two of the biggest draws in some conservative circles did not attend the event this year. begin grinch is back from a trip overseas and a spokesperson says that she canceled because her son is back from iraq this weekend. >> molly henneberg, good to see you. >> brian: how much is a dinner with sarah palin worth? an alabama woman says $63,500 that's what kathy maples winning bid was in an ebay auction that benefits wounded veterans. she owns a defense contracting company, a big advocate of the former governors and would like to see her run for president. maples and four guests will dine with palin and her husband, probably take place in alaska. some lawmakers of questioning the legality of the president's czars. a congressman wants more light shown on appointees.
12:46 pm
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>> president obama has a busy week ahead. tomorrow, he'll deliver a speech on the economy at hudson valley community college in troy, new york. the doctor will join him, she teaches at a community college here in d.c. later in the day, he heads on to new york for an interview with david letterman. tuesday, obama delivers remarks to the u.n. climate change summit. wednesday, he'll address the u.n. general assembly and meet with the russian president medvedev. i never get that right.
12:50 pm
and thursday he'll host the g-20 summit and on friday lunch with g-20 leaders before heading home for a weekend in washington. a lot of travel. after the controversy surrounding former green czar, van jones, some want to take a look at the czars, all of them. including the congressman from texas. he spoke out this week demanding more transparency and said these czar positions are handed out like candy suckers. congressman joins me now, in denver where he's visiting his new grand baby so that's why you see mountains in the background. he's not in the state of texas, but we'll give him a pass because of the new grand baby in the family. congressman, you said they're passed out like candy suckers, tell me exactly what concerns you about this? >> well, i think number one, brian, just the sheer number of them. you know, we're up to 32, 35 czars. there's not been much of a vetting process here and we wonder if these are serious
12:51 pm
policy makers or political favors. but, regardless, the people in the 19th congressional district when i was doing town hall meetings in the month of august, that was one of the issues that kept coming up, is who is looking at these people? who are these people? what is their background? what is their responsibility and literally, how much power do they have in shaping policy in our country. if they have a lot of power, why aren't they going through a normal vetting and confirmation process m. >> brian: some congressional experts, robert c byrd, a democrat has come to mind. look, this is a way to circumvent the constitution, because key advisors to the president are supposed to undergo senate scrutiny. >> absolutely, a lot are in important positions, evidently the president appointed them to these. there's some question the chain of command who they're reporting to, you have some people doing things that the secretary of state should be doing, but they're reporting to her or are they reporting to the president?
12:52 pm
what kind of security clearance do some of these people have? and so, i think there's a great concern if these are important people to the president, we don't want it deny him having advisors that they thinks he needs to do his job, but the question, we want to make sure that we know who the people are. if they're people like van jones, we don't want them. >> brian: so you're saying there's a good reason why the constitution gives the congress some oversight over all of this? >> that's right, we're all subject to accountability. i filed disclosures, and all of that for public record, i'm going to offer a bill next week at that basically says all of these people have to file appropriate disclosures and papers with the government ethics office. i think that's appropriate. that way you'd be able to have some sunshine on who these people are. >> right. >> brian: with a kind of vetting process they went ooh through. >> brian: congressman, thank you for your time shall good to see you. i'm just back from new orleans where the french quarter sizzles and the food and music are great and where the politics don't smell too good. that's for surement in a
12:53 pm
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>> i'm just back from new orleans, which by the way is a great city, but i found their reputation for boon dogle politics well deserved. the crime camera system at one point the mayor promised there would be 1,000 cameras installed around the big easy. well, 6.6 million has been spent only 240 cameras installed and on any given day a majority of them are not working. it's a story about technical and political glitches. >> september 9th, a private security camera captures images of two carjackers stealing a truck in new orleans. within minutes, a high speed chase is on. as the thief runs over several cars and one police officer. when the driver threatened to run over other police officers, he was shot and later died. the whole thing ended directly beneath one of the city's
12:57 pm
crime security cameras. but as orin the case here, it wasn't working. in fact, when we arrived this week, the camera had just been removed for retearment contracts for the troubled system are the subject after ongoing civil suit. mayor ray nagin is expected to be called as a witness. the chief technologist is the acknowledged of a federal investigation probing the contracts. nagin and mefford were close friend. and there is the mayor's house and he lives on the tan house on the corner. such good friend they took vacations together and it's those expensive vacations and how they were paid for is raising a few eyebrowsment documents show in 2004 and 2006, vacation trips for nagin and mefford were funded by the company that ultimately received the crime camera contracts. the fed issued subpoenas seeking 88 gigabytes of the mayor's e-mails on the topic,
12:58 pm
but the e-mails mysteriously vanished from computer at city hall. we wanted to ask mayor nagin about all of this, but he wasn't taking any questions. mr. mayor, was the crime camera deal on the up and up. sir, do you have any comment whether you're going to testify? meanwhile, some citizens are not waiting for the city to get its 6 million dollar crime camera system working. todd payton installed a neighborhood system and 100 cameras captured key evidence when a neighborhood restaurant was robbed. he is exasperated with the city's reputation for boondogle politics. >> we pay a lot of taxes, especially a small businesses, we struggle and struggle and struggle to pay our taxes and pay our taxes and then we get nothing. >> the city's inspector general's office issued a report outlining major flaws in the contracting process and describing ineffective nets of the troubled crime camera
12:59 pm
system, but now, the inspector general's office is under investigation and just this week, there were resignation is in that office. it seems that transparent open and honest government does not come easily in the big easy. well, give you all the news here, there's been a major upset in what some may consider the world's most influential contest. the world eating championship has a new leader. he beat beat joey jaws chestnut at the third competition in louisiana and more astonishing, the champ tried grits the first time a few days ago and won the burrito eating contest yesterday in albecurque, and the guy is moving around. that's all for me here in washington, but america's news headquarters will roll on. kelly wright and julie ban cares are standing by in new york to carry on our news coverage. and be sure to tune in tomorrow, because you don't want to miss chris wallace's exclusive interviews with acorn ceo bertha lewis and
1:00 pm
congressman darryl issa, check your local listings for that, i'm brian wilson, you're watching the fox news channel, fair and balanced, i'll see you, have a great week. . >> we begin with a fox news alert. a manhunt for a criminally unsane killer underway. i'm kelly wright. >> julie: i'm julie banderas, a land and air search for this man. take a close look, this is phillip arnold paul, escaped during a trip to the county fair of all places. they fear without his medication paul may become unstable and potentially dangerous. the spokane county sheriff joins us on the phone. thank you for talking to us. his brother tom told the associated press, i'm going to quote here, he's in a bad mental state. why would they load him on a bus and take him to a fair?
1:01 pm
that is a very good question. why would authorities at eastern state hospital allow phillip arnold paul to visit the fair where there are dozens of families and children, despite his violent criminal past and history of trying to escape? >> the sheriff's office has no input to eastern state hospital policies or procedures. that's a very good question, a question we are going to want answers to in short order. today, we're still focus on the hunt for paul. we'll worry about those administrative type questions down the road, but certainly, we're concerned that he was one of 31 criminally insane patients taken to the fair that day. we don't think that a family, a fair group, crowd, scenario like that is an appropriate place to take these type of patients. >> you said 31 patients from the mental hospital were on the trip. there were 11 staff members and apparently, as i understand it, they must all undergo some sort of treatment team. they have to be cleared by a
1:02 pm
treatment team before they go on to these field trips, if you will. they go on these field trips wearing street clothing and i also understand that staff members are required to keep each patient within eyesight of all times, but they're allowed to actually wander. in other words, separate and the union, i guess, said that workers alerted superiors within two to three minutes of discovering paul's escape, but administrators waited nearly two hours before calling law enforcement. is that true? >> question number two, that's another one we want answered. why the delay? we actually had substantial law enforcement assets at the spokane state fair that day, just basically performing security duties at the fair. had they been notified immediately we might have him in custody already. . >> julie: this is a man who killed an elderly woman and soaked the woman's body in gasoline to throw off search dogs ap then he buried her remains in her flower garden in 1987.
1:03 pm
he was cleared because he was deemed criminally insane. now, we are here, 2009. how dangerous is this man. especially now that he could potentially be free without medication? >> well, neshl we were given the information that his medication would be begin waning in 48 hours, since his escape or since the first day we've learned that he actually has medication that will stabilize him for up to 14 days so we feel a little more comfortable that he is still medically stable, however, it's been 48 hours and we still don't have him in hand so we're very concerned that in his deteriorating mental state he poses an increasingly dangerous risk to the community. >> was he violent at all while he was in the facility where he was field tripping with? does he have a violent past since he was taken to the facility, to the hospital since he was arrested back in '87 and charged? >> 1990 or '91 he escaped from
1:04 pm
eastern state hospital while on a field trip to medical lake and during the arrest ap booking procedure he assaulted one of our deputies so severely that it knocked him unconscious and he required surgery on his shoulder. >> wow. >> so, you know, they tell us that good behavior earns them credits towards field trips and that he's not act out in a long time and earned the right, earned the right to leave the hospital, that's what we're being told. >> julie: wait a second, this is not the first time he's escaped. >> correct this is the second time j yet, he's allowed to go on a field trip. >> correct. >> julie: obviously there's something wrong, are you guys talking to the hospital? could any staff members be held liable? >> as i understand it the secretary for department of health and human services operate the hospital. she's initiated reviews of policies and stopped all field trips until those procedures and policies are fine tuned. obviously, we're standing by, waiting for the results ourselves.
1:05 pm
we-- these are hard questions and we want answers. >> julie: gentleman, we certainly do, too, we'd love to have you back on to talk to us, and good luck to you, sir, spokane county sheriff reagan, if you've got any information, call the spokane law enforcement tip line 509-456-2233, sheriff, thank you very much. kelly. >> while that search goes on over there in washington. down in virginia there's another search going on. university in richmond virginia on high alert as police search for a quadruple homicide suspect. they say that he stole a car from the home where he is suspected of killing four people. the bodies found after local officer thought he smelled decomposing bodies. investigators have not released a cause of death, but say mcchorske is considered armed and dangerous. . >> julie: well, the california property where police say jaycee dugrad was
1:06 pm
held captive for 18 years, now the scene of an archeological style dig. police revealing they've found another bone and soil that could apparently indicate something is buried there. something human, possibly human remains. now, authorities have been searching the land for days now, trying to determine if dugard's alleged kidnapper, the garrido's are connected to other cases including the 1988 abduction of mckala garrett. and the disappearance of alien misheloff. it's too soon to determine if any bone fragments or digging on the property is crime related. >> a colorado man under investigation for alleged terrorist ties has apparently broken off talks, zazi is under investigation for possible ties to a new york
1:07 pm
bomb plot. sources tell fox, he has admitted he has ties to al-qaeda. zazi and his attorneys say it's untrue. he's in negotiations to plead guilty to a terror charge. authorities conducted a series of raids and searches in both queens, new york, and in colorado. alicia acuna is following the story from our denver bureau. she joins us now, alicia, good to see you. what is expected today in this investigation. >> reporter: well, kelly, actually that's a big question at this time because that's actually breaking news what you just mentioned, the fact that conversations between zazi and the fbi have broken off. and according to the denver post, a spokesperson for art fullsome, the attorney here, they've called the reports that we've been doing, and so many other people have been doing about his ties to al-qaeda and possibly working on a plea deal nonsense. so, what's going to happen now, we're actually not sure. the spokesperson is saying that they're going to let the
1:08 pm
investigation play out and that they think that that's in their best interest at this point. we do have a photographer staked out at fbi head waters, they've been waiting all morning, waiting it see if he's going to arrive, but apparently that's fot going to happen, kelly. >> wow, it is a bombshell today, where he is changing his story once again. what sort of details are emerging on this seemingly foiled attack. >> reporter: quite a few different details are emerging and fox is trying it independently confirm one of them. specifically out of the new york daily news that says that zazi on his cell phone has video of grand central station. now, this coincides with information coming from intelligence sources, saying that there was a planned attack in new york city involving explosives, involving the transit system. so that's frightening information coming out. additionally, according to the daily news, they're saying that the fbi recently searched a u-haul vendor in queens,
1:09 pm
where the owner there says a group of afghan men came into his store and wanted to rent the largest u-haul available. a 26 footer, they couldn't, they were denied because they didn't have the proper credit and the proper eyeings, so we're working on that one as well. kelly. >> it sounds like soft targets westbound the prime target for any type of operation they may be considering, but what about that laptop, alicia. what do we know what was found on that laptop. >> i talked to the attorney about that laptop because supposedly, there were documents, bomb making documents found either on the laptop or in the car that he was driving that was taken into custody by new york police on september 10th when he was attempting to cross the washington bridge. art fullsome says absolutely not. there were no bomb making documents on that laptop, the laptop was seized, examined by authorities and returned to zazi. so he is that's where that stands at this point. >> brian: alicia acuna in
1:10 pm
denver, keeping us up-to-date what's going on with the case and we'll bring us any breaking news, should it become available throughout the afternoon. good to see you asalei that. keep us in the loop, please. so the question now is was zazi a part of a larger sale ap what else has the government uncovered or learned about this alleged plot? our fox news terrorism analyst will join us in the next half hour to explain. >> julie: president obama is urged to put a stop into an investigation on harsh interrogation actions on terrorists. that letter signed by seven former cia directors who worked under both republican and democratic presidents. three of them served under george w. bush. caroline shively joins you now from our d.c. bureau with more on the probe and the letter sent to the president himself. caroline, what do the seven former cia directors object to. >> reporter: well, a number of things they laid out in the letter, julie. they write one thing shall the justice department had already
1:11 pm
decided not to prosecute these operatives and being kept what they call in this letter continuous jeopardy and also maintain other countries won't want to work with our intelligence officers anymore and here is another part of the letter, quoting now, disclosures about cia collection operations have and continue to make it harderfore intelligence officers to maintain the momentum of operations that save lives and help america from further attacks and the directors also write that releasing details about the interrogation program reveals too much to the enemy on the ground. julie. >> what about the operatives themselves? are they speaking out? >> well, none of the operatives that are actually involved in some of these potential cases has spoken out. one former cia operative tells fox, it's affecting the safety of the country. take a listen to wayne simmons. >> the very thought of us being thrust back into an investigation of the first line of defense against terrorists, which are our cia
1:12 pm
interrogators and agents, is putting america at an incredible, in an incredible, incredibly dangerous position. >> the white house is remaining quiet on this one, julie. they haven't publicly responded to the director's letter. back to you. >> julie: all right, caroline shively, thank you so much. in few minutes, stay tuned because i'll be talking with republican representative pete hoekstra, he is a ranking member of the house intelligence committee. the michigan lawmaker will have more on the cia probe and what the fallout will be if indeed the cia will no longer be able to interrogate terrorists, what does that mean for the safety of america, that answer and much, much more, kelly. >> it was meant to be a compromise bill, one that would get republicans on board. instead, both sides now are balking at senator max baucus' health reform plan. he had proposed raising money for it by taxing insurers on their policies. those so-called cadillac
1:13 pm
policies. critics fear that could hit the stick-- hit the sick not the stick, hit the sick and elderly hard because they're often times charged more or choose plans with better benefits. here to talk about it all. fox news political analyst, angela and doug showen. good to see you. >> hi. >> i know you well, and you're passionate about health care reform. this plan, which many anticipate would be a no-brainer for republicans and democrats because of removing that so-called government plan, the public option plan, but it's not doing that. it's falling on deaf ears so once again we find ourselves with another proposed health care plan that no one agrees with, angela, what say you about all of this? >> well, the bottom line is this, it seems to me that democrats are desperate and trying to shift the tax burden on this "titanic," the sinking "titanic" called health care reform to other folks, but if
1:14 pm
they do, the gold plated excise tax, you're right, kelly, it's going to trickle down to low income people, to moderate income people and the bottom line is this, carey doesn't look it, nancy pelosi will not accept it, max even waters won't vote for it and anthony won't vote for it, but i can give baucus an a-plus for effort, for at least trying and getting out there and working with our democracy, that's what we're suppose today do work together. but this is not a great plan. >> well, doug, everybody is trying to get a great plan, it would seem there on capitol hill. no one is agreeing to find any concensus for a bipartisan plan. are we ever going to see one come out of this congress so this they can present a goodbye partisan plan? >> i think so, and i hope so, kelly. i think, this is a starting point. we have to do more to reduce the burden on the elderly. and the poor, to reduce the tax rate and to increase the subsidies, that's what john kerry said and kerry is right. we're in a negotiation
1:15 pm
involving a number of legislators, a number of committees and sure, there's been a lot of concern about this bill, but it's deficit neutral and it could begin the process of covering all americans and providing a basis to extend what is rightfully supposed to go to all americans. >> you know, the president himself, quickly, ang larks the president himself has pointed out that he would like to see everyone get some sort of health care plan similar to what he himself, as well as members of congress receive on capitol hill, why has that become such a sore spot and difficult to accomplish? >> well, i like that the president said that, i don't think that's going to happen, kelly. the bottom line is this, you can't shift the cost to one side or the other. you can't have health care reform without tort reform and you can't just put it on the insurance providers. i recently met with folks in mississippi members of nnahu, national association of health care underwriters and small
1:16 pm
business folks you have larger providers and the bottom line is this, if this bill goes through as-is, it will hurt those folks who have those businesses, insurers, which will trickle down to the insureds. doug, you're right and i'm glad the process is working this way. we agree on that. >> we know we have to expand coverage and we know we are going to have to pay something more if we're going to expand coverage to the 40 odd billion uninsured, how to do it and do it in a way that's least painful of all and let's help it works, a step in the right direction. >> where do you see the plan going that senator baucus has in the future? they're running out of time. >> i think we are going to get something out of the finance committee this week, i think it's going to be reconciled with education and labor, there will be a bill and then you're going to have to get the house and senate together. >> right. >> and hopefully avoid a public option, cover more americans and limit impact on the deficit and on ordinary people. >> doug, excuse me, doug, but
1:17 pm
that's the rub because nancy pelosi wants the public option. maxine water, black caucus member from california, very powerful, she wants the public option. anthony weiner wants the public ongs. >> no public option, it's not going to happen, don't worry. >> i don't think so. >> angela and doug, i've got to end it there, we have to talk about this for a long time. good to see you both. julie. >> julie: well, kelly, the left wing group acorn suffering yet another blow. new york governor david paterson ordering state agents put a hold on contracts with the group and its affiliates. this follows the release of undercover video of two acorn employees in brooklyn, apparently advertising a supposed pimp and prostitute to lie about they are profession. and earnings on top of it. in new york, the group received 1.8 million dollars in state funding since 2003. >> water troubles just outside of baltimore, take a
1:18 pm
look at this mess we're showing you, that's an ugly mess right there for people living there. submerged cars, a major roadway collapses, and people forced to flee in boats? we'll tell what you happened. and then, the probe into possible abuses of terror suspects. why are so many former ceo directors concerned. coming up, a conversation with representative pete hoekstra, he's a ranking member of the house intelligence committee.
1:19 pm
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1:22 pm
>> a gushing water main break, floods an entire town. turning streets in the fast moving rivers rescuers rushed in. pipe burst, submerging cars to their door handles and that's a mess right there you're looking at. people forced to escape their homes in boats. no details what cause the break. no serious injuries have been reported, that's a good thing. >> julie: we told you about the upcoming probe into possible abuses of terror suspects by the cia. that investigation has prompted seven agency
1:23 pm
directors to send a letter to president obama. in the letter they express corpse about the chilling affects such a probe could have on the cia's ability to protect the american people. republican representative pete hoekstra of michigan joins us by phone with his own thoughts on the cia investigation. he is a ranking member of the house intel against committee. thank you so much for talking to us today. these seven former cia directors, or apparently asking president obama to end the justice department's criminal probe into the harsh interrogation of many terror suspects who are responsible for killing americans. all seven of these former cia directors served both under republican and democratic presidents. i want to ask you why you say it's the demes attack on the cia, as pathological liars, damaging morale and destroying counterterrorism efforts. >> well, you know, what happened here, this is unprecedented.
1:24 pm
you know, every living former director of the cia except former president bush signed on to this letter. they're recognizing the same thing that i am, that this is damaging to the morale of the cia. these cia folks that are being investigated now, this was self-reported by the cia to the justice department back in 2004. these folks were held accountable by cia, congress had this information, some of these people were disciplined by the cia and then the career prosecutors within the justice department did bring charges and prosecute one of the individuals. they've been through this before and now, we have a new administration and now the administration is-- this new political administration is going to go back and review the judgments made by career professionals done, made in the previous administration, it's pretty unprecedented. >> julie: you're talking about them taking action against the cia contractor,
1:25 pm
prosecuted and victimed and sentenced to eight years for beating an afghan detainee in 2007. do you feel their argument is the agency has neglected to take action against other such abuses? >> well, that may be what this justice department is saying, but the career professionals in the justice department in 2004, between 2004, 2008, said that everything that needed to be done has been done. they investigated these cases and said, you know, there are no additional cases that need to be brought forward. so, it's very confusing and it appears to smack of political politics-- partisan politics that the obama administration is now revisiting this issue. >> julie: the former ceo directors are urging president obama to rehearse eric holders decision to reopen the investigations of the investigations following september 11th 2001 terror
1:26 pm
attacks, how could this, affect our intel efforts at a time when american continues to have to defend itself against terrorists, and number two, here we are in afghanistan, the violence there is increasing, president obama himself, who was so opposed to the war in iraq is accepting troops to afghanistan. in other words, more of our american troops will be in harm's way, and the time was now, the attorney general want to go reverse the decision to reopen the investigation of the largest terror attack here on u.s. he's healthy now. i think he'll play well. >> yeah, when i look at this washington team, don't necessarily have the talent to match up but i think schematically when you have the steve sarkisian the offensive coordinator at usc and nick holt the defensive coordinator at usc a season ago they will get their players in position to make plays today. i think better than any other team in the country, they're going to be able to do that. is that going to translate into a win? i doubt it. this bash wash team lo-- this w
1:27 pm
team looked pretty good. but they don't have the talent and the depth to stay with usc the whole game. >> jake locker, a more talented version i think than terrelle pryor right now. it'll be interesting to see if he could keep this game close. >> washington look for example their first conference win, do you know since when. >> 2008. >> 2007. november 17th, 2007. as you mentioned. >> not a good number. >> pete carroll facing steve sarkisian. now it's not, texas and tech ag, i don't know, graham harrell to michael crabtree, does that seem to ring a bell. >> i seem to remember that last season. they'll do it again tonight. talk about up next. (hissssssssssss!)
1:28 pm
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what to watch for? the florida state seminoles will look to fall to 1-2 as they look to byu tonight 7:00 eastern. florida state leads the all-time series 2-0 but teams haven't met since 2000. byu by the way has won 18 straight at home. >> second down now. deep strike. got the big man. and touchdown with a second to go. this is 28 yards. the fans have stormed the field. they're going to have to clear the field here. >> i spoke to colt mccoy this week. he says he still cringes when he watches that play. one play and national
1:31 pm
championship so close, but so far away. these two teams hook up again tonight. in austin, a place texas tech has not fared well, robert. what do we expect from a much earlier meeting this season. >> well, for me, think when you look at texas i, i want to see the defensive line. i want to see sergio kindle in this one. last year he had ten sacks. this year through a couple of games, he has only five tackles and no sacks. i think it's going to be important for him to get that pressure started in this game against taylor potts and this texas tech offense, which isn't known for giving up a lot of sacks, but the pressure can certainly help out your secondary against a team like this. >> on the other side of the ball, i want to see if texas tech can bomgts up that magic they had defensively against colt mccoy. you look at colt mccoy last year he struckeled against this defensive scheme. texas came out, rushed three and four. meaning, they dropped 7 of 8 into coveragep they bottled mccoy up and you can see here, he couldn't run and he was forced to throw down the field more often than he likes. he's not a very accurate passer down the field. likes throwing short. short and intermediate. early on this season, we're
1:32 pm
seeing him get the ball out quicker. you can see kirkendall, young wide receiver, big run after the catch. giving wide receivers getting opportunities to make yards after the reception. think that's big. can mccoy get off it a big start and doing so by getting the ball out of his hands? >> there is a caveat here if history have any indication. this texas tech defense may do fine elsewhere, but in austin, well the truth is in the tape. over the last five years, 2007, how about 59 points. '05, 52, 444 yards. '03, 43 points. in '01, 42. perhaps you sense a trend. and there in 1999, the average margin of defeat in austin, 28 points per game. that will clearly need to improve, gentlemen, if they have success tonight. >> i would say so, that's the goal. >> that is the goal. we've still got plenty more coming up here on our "halftime report." do not forget, though, that game texas tech/texas, aufrtin, 8:00
1:33 pm
eastern on abc. we will be there. you should be as well. we'll be right back.
1:34 pm
joe paterno and number five
1:35 pm
penn state back in action in happy valley hosting today, drumroll, temple. third goal here, pern state on the 1. darrell clark uses the play action to find mickey schuler in the back of the end zone and the nittany liones are on the board, 7-0. evan royster, suspect, but he does play today. up the middle. muscles his way in. penn state leading temple 21-3. >> i'm really looking forward to embracing some of the great traditions at the university of tennessee. the volwalk, running through the "t." it's going to be a blast. okay? so get ready. >> well, well, well, the day has come. it has been circled on urban mey meyer's calendar for quite some time. he may not admit it but that's the case. where do we begin? what is going to transpire? he first of all, tennessee, how are they going to find a way to hang around in this game? that's the big question, because defensively i think that tennessee's strong enough to at least slow down florida early on. but offense is the problem,
1:36 pm
specifically the quarterback position. jonathan crompton, to me, is the big issue. they've got to run the ball and protect him. 'cause as you see here, missing open receivers, accuracy's been a problem, and telegraphing throws. look it, the entire time staring down his tight end and keys the defensive back for the big interception. i just don't think that crompton is capable against this fast defense with 11 starters that will be playing in the nfl one day to get the job done in the swamp. it used to be tough. tennessee's biggest challenge is to find a way to protect that quarterback position. >> lane kiffin talked this week about how the line had protection issues and quite frankly he said their play-calling, meaning himself because he does call the plays there, was a little bit suspect in the last game. but he will look at this game and i look at the defense led by point kiffin, lane's father, monte kiffin was a linebacker coach for us up in minnesota. he looked like christopher from the "back to the future" movie. >> neither here nor there. >> he'll be bringing gigawatts to that defense. all over these guys. i think they'll keep this game
1:37 pm
closer than people think. if you want an excellent defensive coordinator and a pretty solid set of guys on that defense led by eric berry. >> the best in the country right there. whoa! >> a heat-sink missile. he's all over the place. i think they'll have a scheme to slow down florida enough, but you're absolutely right, jonathan crompton, the big knock on him is that he's been a guy that's been light's out in practice, of course when they start shooting real bullet in the games and you're not wearing a yellow jersey and the defense can actually hit you, he strugeled. >> this will be the first conference game for lane kiffin. he's assembled with the all-star coaching staff as you touched on. but if he don't play may be a conference game that he will remember, for better or worse, we shall see. east versus north, patrick pinkney the touchdown. north carolina, though, leading by 7. 21-14. reathen,we fix it. so you can start your day sunny side up. that's what we're made of. ♪
1:38 pm
♪ ♪ lock it up ♪ launch it! slam it! ♪ blast it! huh huh huh ♪ ♪ kick it! take it! ♪ work it! huh huh huh ♪ ♪ rock it up! announcer: gatorade. that's g. ♪ return there for you and your guilty pleasures. ♪ how long...
1:39 pm
at 3:30 eastern on abc it's a battle of top 20 teams when
1:40 pm
virginia tech hosting nebraska. nebraska has lost its last nine games against ranked teams since the win against texas a&m dating back to 2006. two schools separated by 100 miles and at least for now separated by seven points. eric highsmikt and his north carolina squad on top by seven. enjoy the second half.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
♪ ♪ >> pam: welcome back to "espn college football." reported by 5-hour energy. the second half in chapel hill about to get under way. north carolina with a 21-14 lead
1:43 pm
over the pirates of east carolina. the two schools separated by about 110 mimes. the pirates down seven. get the ball first. dwayne harris, the wildcat quarterback, wide receiver and in this case punt -- or kick returner gets it up to the 24 yard line. let's go back to east carolina and their last td drive. pulling out some tricks. >> ray: yeah and i believe they had to and you can see here is the long fras harris completing it to womack on like a reverse toss pass. and then pinkney drills it down the middle. and then harris finishes that drive. but i think skip holtz knows that his team is a little bits overmatched. and he's going to have to pull out some stops. he's going to have to go to the razzle-dazzle. he's going to have to do some different things to kind of get things back up to moving his way in this battle. >> pam: pinkney who was 7 of 11 throwing the ball in the first half is sacked on the first play of the second half.
1:44 pm
robert quinn drops him for a nine-yard loss. >> ray: robert quinn just comes right off the edge. you're going to see him. he's right up here and he's just going to womcome right off of t edge. kevin gidrey. gidrey didn't have a chance because quinn was on an inside track and that's not a good start for the pirate offense. >> pam: that's the fourth negative play registered by the carolina defense, the north carolina defense, seventh in the nation in total yards. run play for brandon jackson, who can't turn the corner. they're going backwards. and this east carolina offense has gone backwards once the second half starts. in their first two games against appalachian state and west virginia, their offense has scored zero second half points. they have two points in the second half total. that was a safety against app state the first week. >> ray: we talked to skip holtz
1:45 pm
about that and he says you know it just hasn't been one guy. it's been a combination of problems and different people contributing to the difficulties in moving the ball and then in the passing game. that's where they have really broken down in the second half is their ability to throw the football. >> pam: and now they're facing a third and 20. they only have 101 yards of offense so far. take a time-out facing a third and 20 and a north carolina defense that's -- want to take a run at them. >> ray: they ran out of time. they had to use that time-out or take the penalty. skip holtz just wondering, hey, guys, what's going on? >> pam: so when we come back, east carolina backs against the wall with a third and 20. yeah, you can. now you can get the gat taste of new... kencky grilled chicken for just $1.99. the new kentucky grilled chicken value box. only on the kfc ultimate value menu. unthink and taste the under $2 side of kfc.
1:46 pm
and we all have doubt. but when the moment comes... what's going to win? here's to confidence. gillette helps you look, feel, be your best. gillette. the best a man can get.
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1:48 pm
♪ i'm going to roll like a river any way that i choose ♪ ♪ and nothing's going to slow me down and i airport going to stop till i drop ♪ ♪ come on not going to stop, acc football. >> pam: east carolina's first possession of the second half facing a third and 20. pinkney gets rid of it just as a blitzer was about to hit him. that was sturdivant closing. he just puts the ball boan open area to avoid the sack. >> ray: lots of pressure coming. you're going to see both of these inside linebackers coming straight a head on the blitz. and nothing fancy about this.
1:49 pm
just come on and we've got one more than you and there's nowhere for pinkney to throw the football. has to dump it to save his life. >> pam: matt dodge has been averaging over 49 yards per punt so far. that one dies at the 40 yard line of north carolina. brings his average down with a 36-yarder. >> ray: t.j. yates outstanding in the first half. started early with this touchdown pass to highsmith on the corner route. and then he goes the one deep shot he took all day to jheranie boyd. boyd bobbled it but brought it in and then the slant route coming back the other way to joshua adams and t.j. yates on target and the only three in completions in the entire first half. >> pam: the junior missed last of -- or half of last year with an injury. back there as a starting quarterback. picked up four yards on that play. and we mentioned all of the new wide receivers, all five wide
1:50 pm
receivers from last year, gone. three of them picked in the national football league draft. but he said they put in a lot of extra time over this summer to click with his new receivers. >> ray: and you can see some of that paying off for him. this is the best his offense has looked. >> pam: draughn gets it right up the middle. he's able to spin forward for a couple of yards. wide receivers, you lose guys like hakim knicks, brandon tait and foster and you enter a couple of guys, greg little and johnny white who used to be starting running backs for north carolina and the rest of them are babies. >> ray: yeah and that's amazing that they the production that they've got and i think that they've found a real diamond in the rough in erik highsmith, the true freshman. >> pam: where's -- wears number 88 like hakim nix.
1:51 pm
has caught a touchdown pass. draughn stopped by big c.j. wilson. close to the first down. >> ray: this is going to depend on the mark here. they need to get it right to midfield. nice play by c.j. wilson on that last one, pam. when you get a draw like that, defensive ends are taught to retrace their steps and that's and what he did. he came back and able to make that lay. we'll see if he made it soon enough here when they stretch these chains out. that's inches right there and if i'm carolina, i'm going for it, if i'm north carolina. >> pam: well, t.j. yates needed to take one millimeter of a step on the sideline. houston, number 32 in the backfield. he's their tough yardage guy.
1:52 pm
lined up behind elzy, their fullback. and yates gets it himself. boy he was bottled up right away and then spun around to pick up the first down. >> ray: great penetration from the pirate defense that stopped the initial surge but yates is able to spin-off of it. look at the surge up there. see how he stymied initially and then he spins off of it and ends up getting the body leaned forward and that first down. that's a heady play. that quarterback sneak is not a simple deal. you have to be able to squirm and worm and get something. >> pam: yates, 6'4", 220. pitches it to draughn, who's looking to throw. he has little down the right side. and little goes up and gets it. greg little stretching out a 6'3" frame, but a big 34-yard
1:53 pm
gain. >> ray: nice play call. you're going to see this, taking the toss is draughn and he just puts a little too much air under this because eskridge the safety, number 4 coming over there. if he would have come with a full head of steam and try to jump in front right there, he just mistimed his jump. he was late and because of that little was able to bring it in. >> pam: nick johnson tackles draughn for a four-yard loss. that was a heck of a catch by little as eskridge came in and little was still able to hold on to it. little was the north carolina high school player of the year when he was a senior playing ball just down the road in durham, north carolina. starting running back last year. switched to wide receiver when brandon tait hurt his know last year and that's where he started off the 2009 season. >> ray: and there's nothing little about it, i mean he's 6'3", 215. rock solid. >> pam: second and 14. a little play action. and then yates throws to elzy.
1:54 pm
elzy getting a lot of playing time because of the injury to starting tight end zack pianalto, who's out for a couple of weeks, at least. >> ray: and that makes elzy a little bit more of a primary receiver. he caught a couple of balls last week for 25 yards and it's just another way of getting the ball out to a tight inside guy. a tight end or a back and more of it has gone to the fullback today because of the absence of pianalto. >> pam: third and 11 for the tar heels. they're 3 for 8 on third downs this afternoon. yates completes it to little but well short of the first down. six yards shy by nick johnson the middle linebacker. >> ray: yeah nick johnson is a warrior out there. had a
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